A climate-neutral future for Leuven

The Setting

Global warming is threatening our planet, and collective action is needed.  Viewed through a wider lens, climate action is about seizing social and economic opportunities. It’s about strengthening the knowledge economy, spurring technological innovation, creating jobs, improving public health, expanding green spaces, increasing our energy and materials independence, and inspiring other cities to follow our lead. Leuven2030 will help build resilience, and equip Leuven to cope with the effects of climate change when they hit.

Leuven2030 aims for a climate-neutral future for Leuven by 2030. It connects and represents inhabitants, companies, civil society organisations, knowledge institutions and public authorities to evolve into a healthy, livable and climate-neutral city.

As winner of the icapital awards for 2020, Leuven 2030 is gaining international attention, and is quickly growing in size.

The Challenge

Since its start in 2013, the non-profit organization has steadily grown into an organisation with more than 500 members. In 2016, the organization was rebranded, and named ‘Leuven2030’.

With its growth and changing playing field, it now is in need of an audit, and update in marcom-strategy.


  • Market Research: Target Audience Segmentation
  • Communication Audit
  • Strategy


  • October 2020 – now.

The Results

“Are you meeting your audience where they are? Define who you want to reach and then use market research to determine their online habits and preferences — Adobe”

Data-driven target audience segmentation & brand persona

The first milestone of Splintered’s involvement with Leuven 2030 was an analysis of the target audiences based on website and social media data. The result is a first set of data-driven recommendations for an international growth hacking strategy targeting different audiences and different regions, and a first set of brand persona to guide future communication efforts.